Welcome to the Gaula Salmon Fund: Protecting the Salmon of the Trondheim Fjord in Norway. This is our new website under construction. Please check-in frequently for updates.
The various goals of the GSF are subject to and dependent upon the membership and support, which the fund will receive.
Short term goals River Stewards: GSF will aim to support the Gaula River Management and their goal of increased "River Stewards" throughout the Gaula watershed, as a way to provide better information to fishermen as well as increased control over the fishery. Fish counter: GSF will support the Gaula River Management in installing video camera fish counters in various locations throughout the river, in order to have a more accurate understanding of the overall quantity of the salmon run of the Gaula River. Midterm goals Trondheim Fjord Net Buyout: GSF will work to reestablish the buyout of bag net fishermen of the Trondheim fjord. The goal being to increase the overall number of salmon entering into the Trondheim fjord rivers. Protection of critical parts of the river: GSF will work to lease and restrict fishing in specific locations in the Gaula River watershed where salmon are most vulnerable. Long term goals Cooperation with Salmon Farmers: GSF will work to establish a long-term collaboration with various fish farming companies in an effort to promote more environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture practices. This will ultimately lead to the protection of the wild salmon stock.

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